99bottledscents review of Le Joker

Best fragrance of 2021, Le Joker, 99bottledscents

I've been hoarding this review because I wanted to test it on colder weather as well as warmer days... I'm excited to share this bottle with you, let's deep dive.

Le Joker opens up marine yet heavy, not fresh per se... like nighttime ocean vibes, fleeting nutmeg...almost like it's sitting somewhere on the boat you are in and only certain winds pick up the scent. Cold-ish night. The whole thing is spicy, but it's a surrounding spicy if that makes sense, it encapsulates instead of absorbing the other notes. The balsamic-spicy elemi, resinous, holds that spice together from ever leaving the composition and in that, this fragrance is different because that aura of spicy lasts a long time and it does play beautifully with the marine accords.

As it continues to drydown, the fragrance switches to woody spicy instead of marine spicy and I'm ok with that, the wood is soft and perhaps a tad powdery. It works well on warm weather and cold weather alike although on cold days it struggles with pushing the projection out too much.

This is very niche and well done, perfect for a gift and I can see this becoming a signature scent for someone, it pushes in areas where some of the bigger companies are not pushing on, how they managed to keep the spicy alive but not overwhelming is a mystery to me and, like the character that inspired this fragrance, some things are best left misunderstood.

I absolutely love this.

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āœ”ļø Recommended? Yes
āœ”ļø Blind-Buy? Yes
āœ”ļø Unisex? Yes
āœ”ļø Performance: 4-6 hours
āœ”ļø Type: Marine / Woody / Spicy
āœ”ļø Rating: 8.2/10

Gold @ Beauty Awards London 2020

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Extrait de Parfum
50 ml ā„® 1.7 FL.OZ.
*also available in 10ml Travel Spray

į“›į“į“˜: Pink Pepper, Timur Pepper, Elemi
į“ÉŖį“…: Star Anise, Nutmeg
Ź™į“€źœ±į“‡: Atlas Cedarwood, Cypriol, Patchouli

Art de Parfum gifted me this bottle for my review. You can get their fragrances at artdeparfum.com