Art de Parfum Gin and Tonic Cologne - The Beauty Shortlist Awards The Best Fragrance 2017 Winner!

"Refreshingly ice-cool and exhilaratingly original, Art de Parfum’s new Gin & Tonic extrait shakes up summer’s juniper, grapefruit, vetiver and cucumber notes and transforms them into one of the most modern and notable scents of 2017.




Art de Parfum Excentrique Moi - The Healing Lifestyles Earth Day Beauty Award 2017 Winner! 

"Why We Love:

This is an exquisite, floral woody scent. Rich red fruits blended with flowers and dry fruity, tea-like notes complement the dark woody base of patchouli guaiac bringing sensuality and depth. Truly, it was love at first scent."


Good Brand Award Sublime Magazine 2020

Art de Parfum is really proud to announce that we recently won “GOOD BRAND AWARD 2020” award for company’s contribution. 

The 2020 Good Brand Award by Sublime Magazine, the first international sustainable lifestyle magazine, in recognition of advancing social & environmental sustainability. The award certifies that our products are manufactured and delivered in an environmentally and socially friendly manner.






Art De Parfum is more than just a perfume, it is who you are, who you want to be and who you can be. Never settle for anything less than perfection, you deserve it.


Art De Parfum Collection 2020