Best of Summer Scents 2024 - Magazine Feature

We were thrilled to be featured in PBL Magazine's 'Best of Summer Scents 2024' with our exquisite fragrance Sea Foam.

You can learn more behind the inspiration of Sea Foam from our Founder and Creative Director Ruta Degutyte.

In the article Ruta says, "

“Many people unconsciously link the aroma of summer with pleasure and relaxation which is why perfumers so often seek to recreate it in the form of perfume. Nothing revives a feeling, a place or moment so completely as experiencing the smell associated with it.  

I like to change my scent regularly according to my mood and the season, as the fragrance we wear also directly affects the way we feel and also how that olfactory memory makes other people feel and how they respond to us.  For me, being by the sea is where I am happiest.  One of my first fragrances was Sea Foam, which is very much connected to my childhood memories of times spent sailing on the Baltic Sea to the island of Gotland.  I’ve tried to recreate this feeling of the ocean hitting the senses and diving straight in.  So whenever I wear this fragrance I am transported back to the sea, triggered by a single spray, with the smell of salty air, hints of seaweed and summer on the beach.”

You can purchase SEA FOAM here.