At the Pure Beauty Awards held last night, Art de Parfum won the coveted Gold Award for Best New Niche Fragrance with our new fragrance Le Joker.

The virtual award ceremony was hosted by writer and presenter Layne Redman and Le Joker, which launched this summer, was selected from over hundreds of entries. The fragrance was voted for by Pure Beauty’s esteemed and respected judging panel of experts from all areas of the beauty industry. 

Le Joker launched on 7th July 2020 and is our 7th fragrance.

Sensing the time was right for a scent which is both avant-garde and courageous, this highly characterful scent is one of our most evocative and provocative yet.

The number seven also symbolises wisdom and a knowledge that reality is often hidden behind illusion or a mask.

I was in part inspired by this, and by the universal and thought provoking themes raised by the uneasy conflicts of dual personality and divisive temperament, often portrayed by jesters and masked characters from the world of film, literature and theatre. I was also influenced by the zeitgeist, the spirit of 2020, where humanity paused to address global issues.

"Developing this fragrance as we faced a global pandemic, I knew I wanted to create something unique, that highlights the part we each have to play, individually and collectively, on the world stage and to challenge and trigger an emotional response. I felt it was time to expand the topical and inspirational boundaries of Art de Parfum as a brand and as a creative concept. I am thrilled to have won this award."

The fragrance expresses this with unusual, unexpected pairings and ingredients.  A woody fragrance revealing spicy and tropical accents followed by powdery notes, smoky cigarette facets and salty ambergris. Rare Timur pepper reveals spicy and tropical accents and gives a sparkling lemony effect with nuances of passion fruit. 

Last night’s gold is the second Pure Beauty award for Art de Parfum. Last year we won the Pure Beauty Global Award for Best New Premium Fragrance with our limited edition scent, Encore Une Fois!

Art de Parfum Team

"I felt it was time to expand the topical and inspirational boundaries of Art de Parfum as a brand and as a creative concept. I am thrilled to have won this award! This is a very special day to thank my beautiful, loyal and hard working team! Sofia, Sally, Lauren, Gilda, Ian, Dave, Andrius and Paul."

Love you and treasure you all!
Without you my life would be dull and empty,
Ruta x