Art de Parfum – Our Who, What, and Why

Our Who

I’m Ruta Degutyte and I founded Art de Parfum because I believe that small objects of beauty, whether it be a bottle of perfume, a small painting, or a silk scarf can elevate a person’s mood and make their life feel more beautiful in general.

People always ask me, what is it about perfume that you love? When they ask me, I always look at them surprised and wonder, why, don’t you love it too? To me, perfume is as essential to life as bread. Or air.


Our Why

Our why can be summed up briefly as follows: to bring affordable French luxury to the consumer who is looking for that special je ne sais quoi in the form of a scent

For me, the most inspiring objects of beauty and style come from France. I spent many years living in the South of France and had the opportunity to soak up the culture and sophistication of French people and their way of life. I want my perfumes to be tiny time capsules of French style to be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere.

There is a certain je ne sais quoi about the French way of doing things – of dressing, of drinking coffee, of riding a bike, even – that never fails to inspire envy. Who among us has not sat in a Parisian café, greedily soaking up the effortless style of passing French women, with their artfully tied scarves and mysterious smiles?

In France, fragrance is seen as an art form, hence the name Art de Parfum. I want everyone who wears my fragrances – man or woman – to feel like they are stepping into the skin of the most sophisticated person they have ever seen rushing by them on the street in Paris, in a hotel, or in Charles de Gaulle airport.

French people care about having only the very best – the perfect leather jacket, the chicest shade of red lipstick, and yes, the right scent. Each perfume in the Art de Parfum line fits perfectly with this idea of effortless French chic.

To me, France is probably the most liberating place in the world. It breathes sensuality, love, passion, boldness, a particularly refined sense of taste, a relaxed manner – all things that trigger my creativity.  

I have taken this almost indefinable essence of French sophistication and distilled it into a line of perfumes that will lend the wearer that same air of joie de vivre. The French are never gaudy or flamboyant. In fact, their style relies on simplicity. Coco Chanel said that every woman must stand in front of the mirror and take one thing off. The idea is that only the essence of that woman’s style remains. And it is exactly this principle that my fragrances reflects.


Our What 

We are a small, independent niche fragrance company. What does that mean to you, the consumer? Well, niche means that we are not afraid to take risks with our perfumes – we understand that you want to smell amazing and chic, but also a little bit different from everyone else on the high street. With our perfumes, you will smell like a more beautiful version of yourself, in that subtle, chic way the French have. You will also stand out as an individual.

Sometimes niche perfumes are priced for the oligarchs and trust fund crowd. Not us. We see a gap in the market for beautiful, well-made niche perfumes that don’t cost an arm and a leg. Luxury and style should cost something. But not so much that you can’t afford it at all.

I spent years scouring the planet for the right raw materials and perfumers with which to achieve my vision. Keeping the packaging simple but chic, I have been able to invest everything else into the best natural essences, oils, and absolutes on the market, and in a young but super-talented French perfumer. This has enabled me to offer my fragrances as affordable little luxuries, priced at a reasonable £108 per bottle.

Our fragrances are little objects of beauty made to make our lives more beautiful. We want to make it possible for everyone to own a little piece of art.

Art, I hear you say? Yes, art! Chandler Burr, the famous American critic, recently named perfumery as the eight art, placing it on the same level as paintings, sculptures, music, and poetry.

And indeed, I see each of my perfumes as mini works of art that allow you to discover something new every time you re-visit them, like a favourite painting or a piece of classical music. Just one drop of scent can awaken a memory or association more powerfully than any other sense. I want my perfumes to make you feel completely immersed in a rich, aromatic fug of culture, style, history, and beauty – a very French way of experiencing things, in fact.

Art de Parfum’s first range of five exquisite extraits (pure perfumes) is expertly blended and features only the very best of essential oils and absolutes. The line comes stylishly presented in 50ml glass spheres priced at £88 each. Shop now for women's, men's, and shared fragrances