Andrew Majtenyi

Andrew Majtenyi, a VOGUE accredited fashion designer on what French sophistication in the fashion industry is:
"The attention to thought and detail in which each piece is created. The French have a certain appreciation for the best fabrics and quality of workmanship.
That's what I like about perfume Excentrique Moi".

S&P Stanikas

S&P Stanikas, Paris based artists:
“As mixed-media artists, what we love about Art de Parfum is its ability to represent, in its fragrances, a broad range of textures – that’s unusual in a medium such as perfume. We love the dry crunch of sea salt in Sea Foam and the haunting driftwood feel of Sensual Oud. To us, these are little portable pieces of art, like an old black and white photo you carry with you in your pocket.”

Paul Humphreys

Paul Humphreys, widely known as the heart of iconic British synth pop group Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark.

“May I just say that your Gin and Tonic Cologne is just brilliant – it reminds me of vermouth and dry ice. Thank you for reminding me that smells can be as evocative as music.” 

Daniele Hudson


Danielle Hudson, make-up artist and beauty writer 

"My (very fussy) husband has since fallen in love with Gin and Tonic Cologne - hence my purchase!”

Kat Kotenova


Kat Koteneva, Paris based blogger Paris on Gin and Tonic Cologne and Signature Wild:

Signature Wild and Gin and Tonic Cologne, do indeed reflect refined simple elegance and versatility.

 Signature Wild is rejuvenating men’s perfume is that it never feels heavy, although the overall impression is quite masculine and vigorous. I also think that this fragrance is very versatile in terms of wear – occasions and seasons.

Gin and Tonic Cologne puts me in a summer mood on the French Riviera. I picture a man on a yacht wearing a straw Borselino, a white linen shirt, and he is holding a gin and tonic cocktail in his hands.