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Excentrique Moi | Review by Scentury Concept

“HaikuEverything I touchEven with tenderness, alasStinging like thorns”古郷 やよるも 障る も茨 の 花“A scent that is truly amazing and full of twists and turns, just like Moi - Me. Rich red fruit blends with the soft depth of fresh flowers. The dry tea flavor helps the dark wood flavor of Patchouli and Guiac wood become more grumpy. An intensely opposite work, bearing a happy cover on the outside of the soul, is tearing the mind full of chaos.” by @scentury_concept (english translation)Top Notes: pepper, clove buds, red fruitsHeart Notes: guaiac wood, hibiscus, black teaBase Notes: patchouli oil, white musk, cedarShop Excentrique Moi

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November Fragrances 2022

“I like the night, I have clearer ideas in the dark.”- Serge Gainsbourg As we move into the colder months, Art de Parfum invites you to embrace their range of autumnal fragrances with sultry, smoky, woody notes which reflect the aromas of the season ahead. First we have Le Joker our seventh fragrance of our collection, released in the depths of 2020. This fragrance truly electrifies the most nuanced perfume addict.. “For me, it combines darkness & eccentric with warmth and confidence. The discrepancy between the controlled face we show on the outside and all the overwhelming feelings, thoughts, insecurity + confusion we carry on the inside. Characteristics I can completely relate to.⁠” - Written by @stilblut Shop Le Joker Next......

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Excentrique Moi review by Magdulenkan

"Excentrique Moi" by Art de Parfum I'm not eccentric enough to want to smell like cabbage but I'm so eccentric that I can photograph the perfume in a cabbage! 'Excentrique Moi' smells like plum wine, hot tea with pepper and cloves, and at the end like burnt wooden branches. Streaks of smoke flow all over the room, and the sharpness of the spices tickles my nose, making me sneeze. It's a good fragrance for bad weather and contrasting moods. I can hide with mulled wine in my favourite armchair in front of the fireplace, or put on rain boots and run in the rain splashing puddles Info: ▪︎Released in 2016 ▪︎Fragrance Notes: ♤Top Notes: Pepper, Clove, Red fruits ♡Heart Notes:...

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Kimono Vert Review by Ventvenir

A green kimono | Зелене кімоно“What does it smell so good?”, my family members asked when I came to visit them. And really, what did it smell so good? Maybe it was a morning cup of green tea with mint, inspiring and, at the same time, calming. And a fragile crystal bowl with ripe plums from own garden. Maybe it was the scent of a silk green kimono stored in the closet together with aromatic eucalyptus leaves. And a thin layer of invisible powder on the neck. Was it the scent of Kimono Vert @artdeparfum? Yes, it was.«Що це так гарно пахне?» - запитали мене мої рідні, коли я прийшла їх провідати. І справді, що це так гарно пахло? Можливо,...

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Le Joker written by @magdulenkan

​​​​​​'Le Joker' can arrange itself on my skin in various ways: ​​​​​​​​sometimes it delights with its softness and the slow flow of notes to the rhythm of the sea waves, ​​​​​​​​sometimes it seduces with the scent of salty skin and the sharpness of pepper, ​​​​​​​​other times it surprises with stone cold and emotionless damp.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​"Le Joker" is strange, alien and at the same time so close and mine 💚🤍💚"​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Info:​​​​​​​​▪︎ released in 2020​​​​​​​​▪︎ Fragrance Notes:​​​​​​​​♤ Top Notes: Pink Pepper, Timur Pepper, Elemi ​​​​​​​​♡ Heart Notes: Star Anise, Nutmeg ​​​​​​​​◇ Base Notes: Atlas Cedarwood, Cypriol, Patchouli

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