Celebrate Autumn with Art de Parfum in L'Officiel Monaco !

As autumn approaches, it's time to officially usher in this enchanting season. And what better way to do it than with L'Officiel Monaco? We are delighted to announce our collaboration with this prestigious magazine for the autumn 2023 edition. It's the perfect opportunity to dive into the captivating world of our brand and share our passion for perfumery with you.
We had the privilege of spending an unforgettable day with the team from L'Officiel Monaco amidst the enchanting landscapes of the South of France. This iconic region, known for its serenity and charm, provided the perfect backdrop to showcase our perfumed creations.

Art de Parfum x L'Officiel Monaco: The Autumn 2023 Edition
The autumn 2023 edition of L'Officiel Monaco is a true homage to autumn and all it represents: the changing of seasons, the beauty of shifting landscapes, and timeless elegance. Our brand of artisanal and ethical perfumery fits seamlessly into this narrative, capturing the very essence of this bewitching season. At the heart of this special edition, you will find an exclusive interview with Ruta, the founder of Art de Parfum. She shares in-depth her journey, inspirations, and the philosophy that drives our brand. It's a unique opportunity to better understand our passion for ethical perfumery.

Explore our Perfumed Universe

Within the pages of this special edition, you will discover not only our iconic fragrances but also the history of our brand, our commitment to sustainability, and our inspirations. We invite you to immerse yourself in our perfumed universe and explore the unique stories hidden behind each bottle.

Dive into Autumn with Art de Parfum

Whether you're in search of an enchanting fragrance for yourself or seeking the perfect gift for a loved one, our autumn collection is brimming with scents that capture the essence of this magical season. Allow yourself to be enchanted by our unique creations and discover the art of perfuming your autumn with Art de Parfum.