Excentrique Moi review by Magdulenkan

"Excentrique Moi" by Art de Parfum
I'm not eccentric enough to want to smell like cabbage but I'm so eccentric that I can photograph the perfume in a cabbage!
'Excentrique Moi' smells like plum wine, hot tea with pepper and cloves, and at the end like burnt wooden branches.
Streaks of smoke flow all over the room, and the sharpness of the spices tickles my nose, making me sneeze.
It's a good fragrance for bad weather and contrasting moods.
I can hide with mulled wine in my favourite armchair in front of the fireplace, or put on rain boots and run in the rain splashing puddles
▪︎Released in 2016
▪︎Fragrance Notes:
♤Top Notes: Pepper, Clove, Red fruits
♡Heart Notes: Gaiac wood, Hibiscus, Black tea
◇Base Notes: Patchouli, White musk, Cedar
written by @Magdulenkan