November celebrates Sabotage !

" Scents are coded memories from the past that are a unique, personal and intensely private experience. Nothing revives the past so completely, as experiencing the smell associated with it. "

Our signature fragrance, Sabotage, has been at the forefront of these olfactory experiences. This month, we are delighted to share that Sabotage has received significant attention and recognition in various articles, reaffirming its status as an iconic and beloved scent.


Sabotage by @ventvenir 🖤

"Sabotage your daily life.
Sabotage at times.
Replace a morning coffee with Negroni –
it tastes much better in the morning.
Buy flowers for yourself,
not roses – tuberoses.
Inhale their heady scent
that blends so perfect with Negroni
and softens it so well.
Add mint, rhubarb, and basil to your bouquet –
they look much lusher among flowers,
not roses – tuberoses.
Try feeling like a child again –
blow pink gum bubbles.
It blends not perfect with adulthood
but softens it so well.
Sabotage your daily life at times.
Sabotage to live it fully.

Sabotage by @artdeparfum, the brand that never fails to inspire."

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