Sabotage Review written by Jo Phillips at CentMag

Sabotage by Art de Parfum which opens like a disruptive, ironic but loveable play in the 90s. An opening rush of citrus notes makes you sit up and notice.

It opens with a cascade of bright fizzy notes that include delicious Pink Grapefruit, an almost spicy Bitter Orange, a slightly green note from Mandarin Orange and freshness from Mint. Pow! I’m here I’m alive and ready for life it says.

This settles deep into generous florals via the uber-sexy Tuberose, the delicate lady that is Petitgrain, alongside the green spice of Basil, fresh earthy Rhubarb and lush herbal bittersweet and rich Wormwood.

Its base holds the scent together with the softest White Musk and Cedarwood, alongside earthy Patchouli and dirty green Moss.

With nods to gourmand, citrus and floral scents, this is like a grown-up take on that rush of ’90s fragrances, not a cover but a remake. Upbeat, vivid, almost wild yet, at the same time as comes to be expected of this brand, elegant and almost dreamy as it settles on the skin.

As a niche brand, the very nature of Art De Parfum is to be a saboteur so now they have caught their very essence in a bottle.

written by Jo Phillips @centmag ❤️

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