The Travel Size Perfume Perfect For Your Next Holiday

Craving your next holiday? So are we. Even if we can't travel exactly how we'd like to at the moment, we just had to create the perfect travel companion... Le Joker Travel Size! Let's get into the holiday spirit with one sniff of our newest fragrance! 

Your new holiday perfumes await…

Le Joker Travel Size by Art de Parfum in a Handbag

Perfume Nose wrote:

"This is what I like in modern, niche perfmumery. The concept, the making of it and the final result. LE JOKER has a touch of madness. Salty, marine, sharp.

Perfectly odd. This combination of TIMUR PEPPER and fruity PINK PEPPER with sharp ELEMI RESIN is the key. Spectral, mineral. This is it.

STAR ANISE and NUTMEG are in this. But not in a classic, spicy way. Give a little medicinal background.

The artwork of a genius nose. CYPRIOL with its harsh facest, PATCHOULI and CEDARWOOD. With these notes and the result is more than suprising.

UNISEX scent with a huge personality. Good sillage and longevity. Works perfectly on my skin during hot days. Totally worth, at least, trying. One of the best conceptual fragrances released."

Le Joker Travel Size on the Beach with Perfume Nose


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