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Balmy Leather ~ 50ml ~ Extrait Strength ~ £125


Top Notes: cinnamon, davana, cardamom 

Heart Notes: orange blossom, dried fruits, radiant woods

Base Notes: amber, leather, sandalwood



Signature Wild is a dark, woody leather fragrance with a boozy, overripe fruit note that lends the composition a rich, heady feel. This is a scent experience you can almost taste at the back of your tongue, with its rich drops of apricot brandy, sultry cinnamon and cardamom, and dark, almost liquid leathery aroma. And yet, as wild and as dark as this one is, its texture wears as lightly as silk, making it a surprisingly appropriate choice for the daytime. 

The composition centres around davana, a rich essential oil distilled from the flowers and leaves of Artemisia pallens, or Dhavanam, which although is a bitter green herb produces an oil that smells simultaneously of apricots, dark rum, anise, and leather. Davana lends Signature Wild its characteristically heady, sweet booziness, but the perfume never feels heavy or overdone, balanced as it is by the nutty grassiness of Haitian vetiver, tender orange blossoms, and a warm spicing of cinnamon and cardamom.  

Drying down to a comforting blend of amber, leather, and creamy sandalwood, this boozy leather concoction will transport you to the cozy ambience of a men’s club in London, where the rich aromas of brandy, cigars, humidors, and old leather armchairs fill the air. A faint breeze of indolic white flowers and grassy vetiver floats through the composition, lending the composition a bright gust of outdoorsy nature and stopping it from feeling heavy or over-rich. 

A perfect balance between delicate and the strong, light and rich, restraint and wildness, this is one balmy leather that one can wear with pleasure in all weathers and in all situations. Sensual and strong, Signature Wild is a contemporary classic and the perfect signature scent for someone not afraid to make a bold statement.