November Fragrances 2022

“I like the night, I have clearer ideas in the dark.”- Serge Gainsbourg

As we move into the colder months, Art de Parfum invites you to embrace their range of autumnal fragrances with sultry, smoky, woody notes which reflect the aromas of the season ahead.

First we have Le Joker our seventh fragrance of our collection, released in the depths of 2020. This fragrance truly electrifies the most nuanced perfume addict..

“For me, it combines darkness & eccentric with warmth and confidence. The discrepancy between the controlled face we show on the outside and all the overwhelming feelings, thoughts, insecurity + confusion we carry on the inside. Characteristics I can completely relate to.⁠” - Written by @stilblut

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Sensual Oud | Recently featured on My World of Fragrance Youtube channel.

Navigating ROSE OUD Fragrances | Top Perfumes with Rose and Oud

"Art de Parfum is more focused on the ingredients itself, being naturalistic and is a beautiful take on the jammy rose with our combination.."

In this darkly sensual fragrance, the resinous oud note – smoky and austere – is backlit by a lush, almost jammy red rose and a green, fresh geranium note.

The velvety florals add softness and sweetness to the oud, and the oud lends the florals a dry, smoky facet resulting in depth and shade. As the base develops further, this suede evolves into a smoky leather note.

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“Excentrique Moi is a perfect “witching hour” fragrance for this time of year because it is partly smoky black tea, partly rich, red dried fruits, and partly the evil green fairy of absinthe!"

Excentrique Moi

Full of twists and turns, Excentrique Moi shifts restlessly from fruit to forest to smoke like storm clouds seen racing across the reflection in a glass of absinthe. Wearing it is like holding up a mirror to one’s own emotions and moods.

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