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Unforgettable Wedding Day Fragrances

The fragrance you choose for your wedding is one that is extremely personal, an everlasting olfactory reminder of an unforgettable day. The range of unique and evocative scents by niche house Art de Parfum will help you make your wedding day fragrance one to remember.

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Behind the Scenes of Art de Parfum

Behind the Scenes of Art de Parfum "The sky is the limit!", that's how I like to describe my journey with Art de Parfum. As the founder of this niche brand, it is important to me to help you discover a little more about the underside of Art de Parfum. Today, I invite you to discover the story behind our unique olfactory creations, born from my passion for powerful fragrances that convey strong emotions, while remaining environmentally friendly and ethical. Inspiration and Creation Each fragrance of Art de Parfum is the result of a blend of artistic inspiration and technical know-how. Inspired by my travels, personal experiences, and encounters, these creations seek to evoke feelings, memories, and images. For me,...

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Christmas is here : Guide to Festive Season Fragrances

The holiday season brings a unique charm, filled with warmth, joy, and the spirit of giving. With Art de Parfum, I understand that the right fragrance can enhance these magical moments, creating an atmosphere that's both festive and elegant. Let's explore how our scents can set the perfect mood for your holiday celebrations.   Festive scents that evoke Christmas :  Welcoming with Warm Notes The holiday season is all about creating a welcoming atmosphere for family and friends. Imagine the warmth and comfort that greets your guests as they step into your home, enveloped by scents that evoke the essence of Christmas. Our fragrances like Signature Wild, with rich notes of cinnamon, clove, and perhaps a hint of spiced apple, offer a perfect olfactory...

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Sabotage Review written by Jo Phillips at CentMag

Sabotage by Art de Parfum which opens like a disruptive, ironic but loveable play in the 90s. An opening rush of citrus notes makes you sit up and notice.It opens with a cascade of bright fizzy notes that include delicious Pink Grapefruit, an almost spicy Bitter Orange, a slightly green note from Mandarin Orange and freshness from Mint. Pow! I’m here I’m alive and ready for life it says.This settles deep into generous florals via the uber-sexy Tuberose, the delicate lady that is Petitgrain, alongside the green spice of Basil, fresh earthy Rhubarb and lush herbal bittersweet and rich Wormwood.Its base holds the scent together with the softest White Musk and Cedarwood, alongside earthy Patchouli and dirty green Moss.With nods...

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A review of Sea Foam written by @magdulenkan

"Sea Foam is the scent of freedom."I will not quote the rest of the charming, poetic description from the brand, check it out if you are interested in the notes 👇🏻 📃In my opinion, it's another elixir that has the power to evoke memories or take you to your favourite places.On June 25, 2021, I wrote a short review of the Lyrique Parfums perfume with the graceful name "Driftwood". [You can dig up among my old posts, although I warn you in advance - it's in Polish]'Sea Foam' is quite similar, not identical, not twin, but it has the same holiday character: perceptible, almost tangible proximity to the sea, beach, wood and shells, legs tangled in seaweed, sun caressing oiled...

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