Summer is almost here…

“This fragrance is a time capsule
Of classic English traditions
With a refreshing opening so magical
Like a sip of G&T, no inhibitions

Peppery citrus and juniper berry
Tease the senses and explode
Just like a freshly opened bottle, merry
And if not shivering, see a doctor, I'm told

In the heart, zesty bitter notes
Of lemon, grapefruit peel, and juniper berry
With a cool, watery tone that floats
Cucumber, fresh and clean, so merry

The expanse of green grass and summer whites
Imagined with each breath inhaled
A fragrance that ignites
A gentle freshness, like a tale

In the base, white ambergris weaves
With light cedarwood, vetiver, and incense
A refined, mysterious marine woodiness it leaves
Like ancient driftwood bleached white, immense

Wearing this fragrance on a hot summer's day
Is a salve to the soul, soothed and serene
Uniquely British, with a classic display
Of traditions, timeless and evergreen.”

Scent of the day Gin & Tonic 🤍⛅️