Summer’s Citrus & Marine Scents

Sail into summer on a wave of citrus and marine scents, with the array of our nuanced and original fragrances.

A must for the warmer months, our best selling Gin and Tonic Cologne, a ‘Citrus Green’, calls to mind the essence of an English summer, sunny days, warm evenings and the scent of freshly mown lawns. The opening is as refreshing as taking a long sip of an ice-cold G&T – teeming with peppery citrus and the gin-like juniper berry.

 The heart shimmers with zesty, bitter aromatics like lemon and grapefruit peel and juniper berry, but there is also a cool clean, aquatic cucumber tone floating through the heart, adding a gentle freshness. In the base, a stunning note of white ambergris (ambroxan) weaves through a mélange of light cedar wood, vetiver, and incense, bringing with it a refined, mysterious marine woodiness, like ancient driftwood bleached white by decades of sun and sand.

The ‘Citrus Marine’ Sea Foam is inspired by our founder, Ruta's memories of the time she spent by the Baltic Sea, when she and her friends would sail to the island of Gotland. This fragrance is like diving straight into the sea, a revitalising and refreshing experience triggered by a singles pray. Top Notes of bergamot, marine and laurel transport you there with the smell of salt, seaweed and driftwood, thanks to the Heart and Base notes of guaiac wood, seaweed absolute, fig leaf, driftwood, sea salt, sandalwood.

In our newest scent Sabotage, a ‘Citrus Floral’, we develop the citrus theme further, with this bold, fragrant cocktail. Sabotage is a feast for the fragrance gourmand, taking you back to those heady days of the 90s. It brings a feeling of optimism and invincibility thanks to the vivid and boozy Negroni accord paired with an uplifting olfactory explosion of bitter orange and red mandarin and mountain herbs. The base notes bring a feeling of serenity with the scented soundtrack of creamy floracy of tuberose petals followed by a trail of creamy woods and white musk.