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Planet Earth and Encore Une Fois, Gin and Tonic Cologne, Sensual Oud, Signature Wild, Excentrique Moi and Sea Foam by Art de Parfum. 100% pure perfume / extrait de parfum. Made in France.
Whilst it is of course correct that the COVID-19 emergency is of utmost importance and priority of focus, a new poll has concluded that people are becoming increasingly aware that we must use this time to imagine a much better future for our planet.  Encouragingly, in this poll only 9% felt we should ‘return to normal’ after the lockdown is lifted.

People have clearly noticed significant changes including cleaner air, more wildlife and much stronger communities. It’s also crystal clear from the poll that the masses have become increasingly aware that the health of our planet and its people are utterly inseparable, and now is the time for radical social, environmental, political and economic change. If not now, then we have missed the opportunity of an entire generation.

Ruta Degutyte, CEO and Founder of Art de Parfum.

In this new climate, like other industries, environmental awareness and sustainability of the beauty industry, has become an even hotter topic than before. Here at Art de Parfum, from the very inception of the company, it has been my mission, together with my dedicated team, to minimise the ecological impacts of our operations, in both the short and long terms, prioritising the support of environmental sustainability for our current and future generations. Our products are proudly 100% free from all animal testing, we do not use any GMO-related products or endangered raw materials, and our fragrances are completely free of all nano-particles and the alcohol is derived from organic beetroot. The materials used in our packaging and bottles are environmentally-safe and the bottle is 100% recyclable glass. The box carrying the perfume is made of a natural, linen-covered cardboard material that biodegrades fully. All our packaging is made in the EU.

People need to be as interested in the process of creation of the products they consume, as the products themselves. We have pushed nature out of balance yet we are dependent on everything around us and it’s easy to get overwhelmed or daunted by the challenges that lay ahead. What is also abundantly clear, is that we cannot get there alone, we cannot bring change by ourselves, we need everyone to call on their own sense of passion and an overwhelming sense of mission, in order to truly invoke change. Like no species that’s gone before us, we have the power to change the future of our planet and to do it now. The world needs collective will and imagination, courage and appetite for adventure. It needs all our hands, minds and hearts to be one, in order to create something that truly makes a difference.

With love,