Drifting into Spring with Kimono Vert written by @followzenose

"One day you smell some spring in the air and another it’s snowing. It is the right time to take out my Kimono Vert for a walk outdoors. It is a cool fragrance and makes you feel calm and balanced. Unconventional but wearable. Genderless and sugarfree. It really stands out in the world of “barracats”.

For me it is a bit of eucaliptus, green tea and geranium. When I imagine a japanese kimono, I can feel also some smoothness and softness of thick silk in this perfume. But it is getting too cold outdoors, which is not good for perfumes, so I’m quickly taking it back in the warmth to read the inspiring quote on the inside cover: “I am spirit, formless and free: whatever I think, that will be.

Thank you, @artdeparfum for inspiring me!” written by @followzenose