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Happy Birthday Ruta | A Journey into French Elegance and Cruelty-Free Luxury

Join us as we embark on a heartfelt celebration of the birthday of Ruta Degutyte, the founder and CEO of Art de Parfum. With a deep-rooted passion for French culture, Ruta has transformed the world of fragrance by creating exquisite perfumes that embody sophistication, elegance, and the essence of beauty.

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Father's Day Fragrance Guide: Discover the Perfect Scent for Every Dad

Father's Day is approaching, and what better way to surprise someone you care for than with a fragrance that reflects their personality? At Art de Parfum, our niche fragrance house, we offer a range of luxurious scents for every taste.

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Summer is almost here…

“This fragrance is a time capsuleOf classic English traditionsWith a refreshing opening so magicalLike a sip of G&T, no inhibitionsPeppery citrus and juniper berryTease the senses and explodeJust like a freshly opened bottle, merryAnd if not shivering, see a doctor, I'm toldIn the heart, zesty bitter notesOf lemon, grapefruit peel, and juniper berryWith a cool, watery tone that floatsCucumber, fresh and clean, so merryThe expanse of green grass and summer whitesImagined with each breath inhaledA fragrance that ignitesA gentle freshness, like a taleIn the base, white ambergris weavesWith light cedarwood, vetiver, and incenseA refined, mysterious marine woodiness it leavesLike ancient driftwood bleached white, immenseWearing this fragrance on a hot summer's dayIs a salve to the soul, soothed and sereneUniquely British,...

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