Signature Wild – Heat Seeking Signature


Are you a hunter-gatherer? Some people – be it a man or woman – are just born to be the hunter-gatherers of this world. They burn with ambition, hone in on their target, and work very hard to get what they want. People such as this are passionate, focused, and even a little bit ruthless. They are also very sexy!


I made Signature Wild for the hunter-gatherers among us. It is a leather scent with a cool, anisic tint that is balanced by a warm, rummy fruitiness. Leather scents are a great match for hunter-gatherers because they mimic the slightly animalic feel of leather or suede on one’s skin, and remind us that sensuality lies right next to danger. In the wilds of the African prairie, sex and danger run very closely together…


Art de Parfum’s Signature Wild is a dark, woody leather fragrance with a boozy, fruit note that lends the composition a rich, heady feel. This is a scent experience you can almost taste at the back of your tongue, with its rich drops of apricot brandy, minty anise, sultry cinnamon and cardamom, and dark leathery aroma.


Signature Wild eventually settles into a comforting blend of amber, leather, and creamy sandalwood. This cool, boozy leather concoction will transport you to the cosy ambience of a men’s club in London, where the rich aromas of brandy, cigars, humidors, and old leather armchairs fill the air.


A faint breeze of indolic white flowers, minty anise, and grassy vetiver floats through the composition, lending the composition a bright gust of air and stopping it from feeling heavy or over-rich.


Who could wear Signature Wild? Bold, daring people who are masters of their domain should wear this scent. The cool leathery tones and luxurious “men’s club” feel of the scent broadcast a subtle aura of dominance, class, and wealth.


Quite honestly, I made Signature Wild for my partner, who is quietly spoken but very confident in his own skin. These types of people do not need to scream their dominance to the entire room – their quiet, firm power is simply recognized on a subliminal level.


Is Signature Wild a daytime or nighttime scent? As wild and as dark as Signature Wild is, its texture wears as lightly as silk, making it a surprisingly appropriate choice for the daytime. There is a cool, almost minty breeze running through the fragrance that cuts through the richness and injects air into the composition. However, its intrinsic leathery sexiness makes it a fabulous choice for a fun night out too….


What kind of leather scent is this – rough, animalistic, smooth? Signature Wild has a beautifully smooth, anisic, almost milky leather aroma that smells like the inside of a glove or a luxury car. I built the leather accord using davana essential oil, mostly, but dried fruits and orange blossom also add to the richness of the accord.


Davana is a rich essential oil distilled from the flowers and leaves of Artemisia pallens, or Dhavanam, which although is a bitter green herb produces an oil that smells simultaneously of apricots, dark rum, anise, and leather.


The Last Word: Sensual and strong, Signature Wild is a contemporary classic and the perfect signature scent for someone not afraid to make a bold statement. Buy it here for the Hunter-Gatherer you love (whether that's yourself or someone else!)


What are YOUR favourite leather scents? Do you have a favourite fragrance for sending a message that you are in control of a situation, even when you are not – a sort of liquid confidence?