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Unveiling Sabotage: A Whimsical Journey of Cocktail Charm

"I love Art de Parfum, an enigmatic brand, led by Creative Director Ruta Degutye." - Written by everdandysilverfoxAre you ready to embark on a fragrant journey that will surely tantalise your senses and bewitch your soul? Welcome to the captivating world of Art de Parfum, a brand known for its enigmatic creations, led by the visionary Creative Director, Ruta Degutye. With a masterful blend of seduction and audacity, Art de Parfum presents Sabotage – a fragrance that pushes the boundaries of conventional perfumery and takes you on an olfactory adventure like no other. "The perfumes blend a populist strain of seduction but...and it’s a big but, Ruta and her team twist materials and accords into pin sharp oddities of moreish...

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