The Fragrances to wear this Autumn.

This season is a time of change and renewal. While nature sheds its leaves in preparation for winter, so should you swap out the light scents of summer for something a little more romantic and woodsy. Think fragrances that remind you of a cosy autumnal day, warm mugs of mulled cider, and crisp fall air.

Le Joker by Art de Parfum, Niche Fragrance 2021, Award Winning Perfume

Le Joker, is our newest scent, it is full of seasonal contrasts with unusual, unexpected pairings and intriguing ingredients that play with contrasts; light and shadow, moody, mysterious, dangerous.

It aims to awaken different emotions in different people; inviting the wearer to be more daring and not afraid to make a statement.

Le Joker is a fascinating woody fragrance, intertwining fruity spicy notes with powdery notes of make up, smoky cigarette facets and salty ambergris.

Playful yet dark, the use of sparkling, lemony Timur pepper, which is still rare in perfumery, shines in this creation revealing spicy and tropical accents.


Limited Editing Fragrance, Luxury Niche Perfume, Parfum, Art de Parfum

Next is our Limited Edition perfume Encore Une Fois, RutaDegutyte, the brand's founder conjures up the South Pacific.

Ruta spent 3 weeks travelling around French Polynesian, exploring the beautiful beaches, lagoons and lush forests, and discovering new flora and raw materials which inspired this scent.

For her it evokes the wonderful feeling of falling in love, and memories of crystal blue water, sandy beaches and salty, sun kissed skin.

A magical time to return to over and over again, whatever the season.


Sensual Oud is sensual, sophisticated and smoky, for those who enjoy a subtle oud, and are looking for a taste of the Orient but with a classically French sense of refinement and sophistication.

In this darkly sensual fragrance, the resinous oud note – smoky and austere – is backlit by a lush, almost jammy red rose and a green, fresh geranium note.

The velvety florals add softness and sweetness to the oud, and the oud lends the florals a dry, smoky facet resulting in depth and shade.

Against this black velvet backdrop, clove and saffron offer spice, warmth, and the subtle suggestion of the fine suede lining of an expensive handbag which evolves into a smoky leather note.


Our Top Pick for October

Top Favourite Fragrance for Autumn Winter 2021

Excentrique Moi is a perfect “witching hour” fragrance for this time of year because it is partly smoky black tea, partly rich, red dried fruits, and partly the evil green fairy of absinthe!

Its texture is rich in playoffs between sweet and bitter, herbal and earthy, dark and light. Plummy, wine-like dried fruits sweeten the tannic sharpness of black tea leaves, and the upturned-earth darkness of patchouli is illuminated by a shaft of sunshine from lemon.

But then the bitter green excitement of wormwood emerges, infusing the scent with the eerie, chartreuse glow of an illicit glass of absinthe. Inhale deeply enough and the Green Fairy might just sweep you away to a table in Les Deux Magots with Degas and Gauguin, grumbling at the heavy rain clouds gathering above.

Full of twists and turns, Excentrique Moi shifts restlessly from fruit to forest to smoke like storm clouds seen racing across the reflection in a glass of absinthe. Wearing it is like holding up a mirror to one’s own emotions and moods.


As we move into the colder months, Art de Parfum invites you to embrace their range of autumnal fragrances with sultry, smoky, woody notes which reflect the aromas of the season ahead.