A review of Sea Foam written by @magdulenkan

"Sea Foam is the scent of freedom."
I will not quote the rest of the charming, poetic description from the brand, check it out if you are interested in the notes πŸ‘‡πŸ» πŸ“ƒ

In my opinion, it's another elixir that has the power to evoke memories or take you to your favourite places.

On June 25, 2021, I wrote a short review of the Lyrique Parfums perfume with the graceful name "Driftwood". [You can dig up among my old posts, although I warn you in advance - it's in Polish]

'Sea Foam' is quite similar, not identical, not twin, but it has the same holiday character: perceptible, almost tangible proximity to the sea, beach, wood and shells, legs tangled in seaweed, sun caressing oiled skin.

'Sea Foam' feels warm and cool to me, rough and soft, hard and wavy, like opposites attract.

How wonderful! How I like it 😁

I already like the citrus bitterness from the opening, but the herbal twist turns up the pleasure screw.

Another dose of pleasure is provided by salt: salty air, salty skin, salty wood washed up by the waves.

At the edge of my vision is an old fig tree, withered and fruitless underneath, but still a few green leaves swaying at the top. This gives a Mediterranean character and emphasises the coolness of the stones in the shade.

The finish is brittle, powdery, like shells trampled by thousands of feet of vacationers. I dream of nothing else but to be on this beach again...."