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Discover the Mesmerising World of Fragrance with Our Exciting Collection!

We're thrilled to announce the return of our Discovery Sets, offering you a captivating collection of fragrances. With eight perfumes in a beautiful presentation box, this is your chance to explore our best-loved scents, including the iconic Gin and Tonic Cologne, Sensual Oud, Excentrique Moi, Signature Wild, Sea Foam, Le Joker, Kimono Vert, and our newest fragrance, Sabotage! As a token of our appreciation, when you purchase the Discovery Set, you'll receive a £35 voucher towards your first 50ml bottle of Art de Parfum. This allows you to delve deeper into our exquisite range of scents and find your perfect match. Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience our mesmerising fragrances with the return of our Discovery Sets. Get...

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Sabotage Review written by wewearperfume

"Cocktail Scents: Sabotage by Art de Parfum. My perfect Friday night fragrance has just been launched by @artdeparfum, for its new Sabotage evokes the idea of a negroni cocktail, all bitter sweet vermouth and the promise of a joy-rush. Its blood orange and herby fruitiness is tempered with tuberose, making it quite the grown up in the room. It’s citrus in character but not as we know it, floral in style but rubbed through a fruity filter. Very interesting and a perfect partner for its Gin and Tonic Cologne. Happy weekend all."    

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Happy Birthday Ruta | A Journey into French Elegance and Cruelty-Free Luxury

Join us as we embark on a heartfelt celebration of the birthday of Ruta Degutyte, the founder and CEO of Art de Parfum. With a deep-rooted passion for French culture, Ruta has transformed the world of fragrance by creating exquisite perfumes that embody sophistication, elegance, and the essence of beauty.

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Fragrantica Review of Sabotage | Fragrance News

Art de Parfum describe their latest fragrance, Sabotage, as a “bold and self-ironic citrus floral scent. A feast for the fragrance gourmand…” That’s a lot of information contained in not very many words, and I needed to live with this one and wear it a few times before I could start to unpick what this might mean. The brand goes on to write, “Bliss out to a scented soundtrack of vivid and boozy Negroni accord paired with an olfactory explosion of bitter orange and red mandarin and mountain herbs. Float away on the creamy floralcy of tuberose petals followed by a trail of creamy woods and white musk.” Now the old adage in fashion is that if you can remember something coming around...

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Le Joker Wins the Beauty Wellness Award 2023: A Fragrance Worth Celebrating

We are delighted to announce that Art de Parfum has emerged victorious in the highly esteemed Beauty Wellness Award 2023! Our exquisite fragrance, Le Joker, has been awarded the prestigious title in the Fragrance for Women category.

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