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Harnessing the Power of Wellness Fragrances: Elevate Your Energy with Art de Parfum

In a world seeking solace and revitalisation, the concept of "wellness fragrances" has blossomed into a captivating conversation. Recent echoes in the esteemed pages of Harper's Bazaar have spurred discussions about the ability of scents to truly elevate our energy and nurture our inner harmony. At Art de Parfum, we're thrilled to be an integral part of this dialogue, as our exquisite creation, Kimono Vert, takes stage in the very article that stirs this aromatic discourse. Embark with us on a fragrant journey that explores the intersection of wellness and scent, and discover how Art de Parfum's Kimono Vert is leading the way. The Science and Soul of Wellness Fragrances The realm where scent and emotions entwine is a place...

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Sabotage Review written by Jo Phillips at CentMag

Sabotage by Art de Parfum which opens like a disruptive, ironic but loveable play in the 90s. An opening rush of citrus notes makes you sit up and notice.It opens with a cascade of bright fizzy notes that include delicious Pink Grapefruit, an almost spicy Bitter Orange, a slightly green note from Mandarin Orange and freshness from Mint. Pow! I’m here I’m alive and ready for life it says.This settles deep into generous florals via the uber-sexy Tuberose, the delicate lady that is Petitgrain, alongside the green spice of Basil, fresh earthy Rhubarb and lush herbal bittersweet and rich Wormwood.Its base holds the scent together with the softest White Musk and Cedarwood, alongside earthy Patchouli and dirty green Moss.With nods...

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A review of Sea Foam written by @magdulenkan

"Sea Foam is the scent of freedom."I will not quote the rest of the charming, poetic description from the brand, check it out if you are interested in the notes 👇🏻 📃In my opinion, it's another elixir that has the power to evoke memories or take you to your favourite places.On June 25, 2021, I wrote a short review of the Lyrique Parfums perfume with the graceful name "Driftwood". [You can dig up among my old posts, although I warn you in advance - it's in Polish]'Sea Foam' is quite similar, not identical, not twin, but it has the same holiday character: perceptible, almost tangible proximity to the sea, beach, wood and shells, legs tangled in seaweed, sun caressing oiled...

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Discover the Mesmerising World of Fragrance with Our Exciting Collection!

We're thrilled to announce the return of our Discovery Sets, offering you a captivating collection of fragrances. With eight perfumes in a beautiful presentation box, this is your chance to explore our best-loved scents, including the iconic Gin and Tonic Cologne, Sensual Oud, Excentrique Moi, Signature Wild, Sea Foam, Le Joker, Kimono Vert, and our newest fragrance, Sabotage! As a token of our appreciation, when you purchase the Discovery Set, you'll receive a £35 voucher towards your first 50ml bottle of Art de Parfum. This allows you to delve deeper into our exquisite range of scents and find your perfect match. Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience our mesmerising fragrances with the return of our Discovery Sets. Get...

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Sabotage Review written by wewearperfume

"Cocktail Scents: Sabotage by Art de Parfum. My perfect Friday night fragrance has just been launched by @artdeparfum, for its new Sabotage evokes the idea of a negroni cocktail, all bitter sweet vermouth and the promise of a joy-rush. Its blood orange and herby fruitiness is tempered with tuberose, making it quite the grown up in the room. It’s citrus in character but not as we know it, floral in style but rubbed through a fruity filter. Very interesting and a perfect partner for its Gin and Tonic Cologne. Happy weekend all."    

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