The Ultimate Christmas Gifts For Her & Him 2021

How to Give the Gift of Fragrance This Christmas.

Christmas is the time for giving and a carefully chosen bottle of unique perfume is a true luxury.  It can be challenging to buy fragrance for someone else because scent is so personal.  Fortunately, the experts at niche perfumery Art de Parfum are on hand to help you negotiate the olfactory minefield this Christmas and make sure your gift is one to remember. With Art de Parfum’s foolproof tips you will make the right choice of fragrance for your special someone.

First of all, consider the style and character of your loved one. If your recipient is a sunny, outgoing person with a vivacious personality, then they might appreciate a perfume that is as sparkling and bubbly as they are. A fragrance such as Art de Parfum’s Gin & Tonic Cologne, which, despite the name, is actually a pure parfum, would be just perfect.

Gin & Tonic Cologne is incredibly fresh and zesty with its lemon and grapefruit peel, and aromatic juniper berry gives it a fizzy gin & tonic vibe. The cool, watery cucumber note floating through the heart adds a gentle greenness. If your special someone is as effervescent as a freshly-poured G&T, then this would be the perfect pick for them. It’scompletely unisex too, so equally perfect for a man or a woman.

Maybe your gift recipient is the introspective type who likes to take long walks on the beach in winter. This type of person tends to like the rugged, natural smells of the outdoors above all other things, and might not even wear perfume on a regular basis. Or perhaps they work in a profession that requires them to keep their manner of dress and fragrance subtle and unobtrusive. If so, then Sea Foam is the perfect choice. It is light and natural-smelling - more an atmosphere than a perfume.

Sea Foam summons up the fresh, salty smells of a windswept Atlantic beach – coarse salt, dune reeds, vetiver, and citrus fruits. As the sharp brightness of the citrus and herbs bank down, the perfume reveals a beautiful seaweed note, moist with clean sea water and rich in minerals and salt. It smells like skin after a dip in the sea and the fresh, bracing sea air.

Lifestyle is an important consideration too. If your recipient works in a past-faced urban environment, and loves socializing, then they will need a perfume that is equally confident. A perfume like Signature Wild will surely help someone stand out in a crowd. A bold, rich leather fragrance with dark booze and fruit undertones, this is the kind of scent one wears to make a statement.


The composition of Signature Wild centres around davana, a rich essential oil distilled from the flowers and leaves of Artemisia pallens, which smells simultaneously of apricots, dark rum, anise, and leather. Davana lends Signature Wild its characteristically heady, sweet booziness, but the perfume never feels heavy because it is balanced by the nutty grassiness of Haitian vetiver, tender orange blossoms, and a warm spicing of cinnamon and cardamom.

Consider too general appetites of your intended gift recipient. Some people like things to be simple and streamlined. But others are out and out sensualists with a huge appetite for rich food, fine wine, and good company, and who consume all of these with unabashed gusto! These people tend to be the life and soul of the party, drawing everyone to them by sheer force of their charm and the cheekiness of their smile. People like this deserve a fragrance that matches them every step of the way in sensuality – and we have the perfect one: Sensual Oud.

Sensual Oud is a play on the sexiness of contrasting light and dark notes. Oud, which is a smoky, dark resinated wood gleaned from the jungles of the Far East, is lifted here by the sweet breeziness of a fresh pink rose and the herbal freshness of geranium, providing for a scented experience that is both deeply sensual and uplifting. The fragrance is also very exotic, with Eastern spices like clove and saffron dancing around the creamy rose-oud pairing, giving it a distinctly “1001 Nights” appeal. If you know someone who could easily be a modern-day Scheherazade, then something like Sensual Oud would be a perfect fit.

If however, your loved one doesn’t fit neatly into any one of these categories, we all know or love someone whose personality is difficult to define or understand. Perhaps their character traits make them seem mysterious, quixotic, and highly interesting. If you are shopping for someone fascinating like this, then Art de Parfum have the right perfume for you: Excentrique Moi.

Excentrique Moi is, like your loved one, a story of contrasts. Its texture is rich in playoffs between sweet and bitter, herbal and earthy, dark and light. Plummy, wine-like dried fruits sweeten the tannic sharpness of black tea leaves, and the upturned-earth darkness of patchouli is illuminated by a shaft of sunshine from lemon. It is acomplex and nuanced fragrance with exciting twists and turns – sometimes the patchouli and tea seems to give the scent a stormy darkness, like dark chocolate and leather, but at other times, the spicy red fruits and lemon break through, giving the scent a cozy, warm, and almost edible feel. A deliciously non-straightforward scent for a non-straightforward person, we think Excentrique Moi is the perfect scent for all the iconoclasts and rule-breakers in our life.

We hope you all have a scent-ful Christmas!