Mother's Day Gift Guide with Art de Parfum

 Gifts for Mum this Mother's Day 2021

So many of us are apart from our loved ones this year and as the calendar rolls towards Mother’s Day, it can bring with it powerful emotions. This year, 14th March could be a day to start a new tradition and instead an opportunity to thank the women who have supported you in your life.  Why not surprise someone you care for with a special gift of fragrance, to reflect their personality or awaken their senses, and at the same time letting them know that you are thinking of them on this day.

It can be challenging to choose a fragrance for someone else, because scent is so personal but with an array of luxurious scents from our niche fragrance house Art de Parfum, there is something for every woman.

First of all, consider the style and character of your recipient. Do they love to travel, are they more traditional, or perhaps they like to surprise?

If they are a sunny, outgoing person with a vivacious personality, then they might appreciate a perfume that is as sparkling and bubbly as they are.  A fragrance such as Art de Parfum’s Gin and Tonic Cologne, which is a clean and crisp summer scent, could be just perfect. Gin and Tonic Cologne is incredibly fresh and zesty with its lemon and grapefruit peel, and aromatic juniper berry gives it a fizzy gin and tonic vibe. The cool, watery cucumber note floating through the heart adds a gentle greenness. 

Perhaps the recipient is someone who is full of fascinating contrasts and likes to challenge the status quo. Le Joker could be the perfect match, with this scent which is both avant-garde and courageous.  This stand out perfume has unusual, unexpected pairings, and intriguing ingredients which play with contrasts; light and shadow, moody, mysterious, dangerous.  Le Joker is a fascinating woody fragrance, intertwining fruity spicy notes with powdery notes of make up, smoky cigarette facets and salty ambergris (ambroxan). The overall character of the scent plays with contradictions yet creates a magnificent whole. The use of sparkling, rare ingredient Timur pepper, shines in this creation revealing spicy and tropical accents of lemon and passion fruit.


Sensual Oud is a fragrance that matches a sultry and sophisticated character, and will match them every step of the way in sensuality.  This scent elevates a traditional Oud, which is a smoky, dark resin rich wood gleaned from the jungles of the Far East, and lifts it by the sweet breeziness of a fresh pink rose and the herbal freshness of geranium, providing for a scented experience that is both deeply sensual and uplifting. The fragrance is very exotic, with Eastern spices like clove and saffron dancing around the creamy rose-oud pairing. 

Do they have a romantic soul?   Then look to Encore Une Fois which is inspired by creator Ruta Degutyte’s love of the earthy, organic smells of the ocean. It evokes the beautiful beaches, lagoons and lush forests and flora of French Polynesian which are behind its creation. Top notes of bergamot, orange flower and the earthy notes of ambergris (ambroxan) suffuse the composition with a soft-focus, golden glow. This freshness is charmingly contrasted with the velvety darkness of the smoky balsams, resins and patchouli in the base. The scent smells like salt on tanned shoulders after a day at the beach, taking you back there long after the summer has faded.

As nuanced as the person who wears it, Excentrique Moi is a story of contrasts. Its texture is rich in playoffs between sweet and bitter, herbal and earthy, dark and light. Plummy, wine-like dried fruits sweeten the tannic sharpness of black tea leaves, and the upturned-earth darkness of patchouli is illuminated by a shaft of sunshine from lemon.  In the base, a wisp of sweet woodsmoke wafts gently through the composition, never dominating, but weaving a grounding note of earth and wood around the red fruit and herbs. 

Whichever gift you choose, you can be certain that Art de Parfum is a company that places ethics at the heart of its operations. All Art de Parfum fragrances are 100% made in France, they are cruelty-free, environmentally-friendly, and free of materials that add to third world exploitation.