Scents of Summer

Some scents can transport you back to the exact time and place you first smelt them; to a particular time in life, or even to a particular person. From the sweet smell of cinnamon reminding you of Christmas in an instant, to the smell of your mother’s perfume when you were a child, scent memories are some of the most powerful there are. 

Even if we can’t travel physically, yet, to celebrate the arrival of Summer, look to Art de Parfum’s evocative range of unisex fragrances to let you travel emotionally to distant lands and oceans.  

Each scent offers the wearer a truly individual sensory experience and Sea Foam is no exception, I was inspired by the memories of the time I spent by the Baltic Sea. When I was younger, my friends and I would sail to the beautiful island of Gotland. I wanted to create a fragrance that would carry you straight to the ocean, with the distinctive smell of salt, seaweed and driftwood on the beach. It is a cool, pure scent mixed with iodic notes of seaweed and salt. Once applied, you'll float away on a wave of laconic sandalwood, fig leaf and weathered woods. Wearing this fragrance is like diving straight into the sea; a revitalising and refreshing experience triggered by a single spray.

Sea Foam by Art de Parfum

[Sea Foam by Art de Parfum inspired by Gotland and The Baltic Sea]


The second summer scent is Encore Une Fois this fragrance will take you far away to exotic shores. I was inspired by a trip I took to French Polynesia, exploring the beautiful beaches, lagoons and lush forests, and discovering new flora and raw materials which inspired this scent. I felt it really evokes the wonderful feeling of falling in love and memories of crystal blue water and sandy beaches. 

Introduced by a fresh, bitter citrus opening, the earthy notes of ambergris* suffuses the composition with a soft-focus, golden glow. It smells like salt on tanned shoulders after a day at the beach. This freshness is contrasted with the velvety darkness of the smoky balsams, resins, and patchouli in the base. The scent uses nature’s most precious oils and absolutes to recreate the salty intimacy of just-loved skin, making Encore Une Fois the most romantic of summer fragrances. 

Encore Une Fois by Art de Parfum

[Encore Une Fois by Art de Parfum inspired by The French Polynesia]


The third summer scent is Le Joker our latest fragrance. I sensed the time was right for a scent which is both avant-garde and courageous, this highly characterful scent is one of the brand’s most evocative and provocative yet.  

We decided to launched this fragrance on the 7th July 2020. In numerology, the number seven is symbolic of wisdom and a knowledge that reality is often hidden behind an illusion or behind a mask.

I was in part inspired by this, and by the universal and thought provoking themes raised by the uneasy conflicts of dual personality and divisive temperament, often portrayed by jesters and masked characters from the world of film, literature and theatre.

I was also influenced by the zeitgeist, the spirit of 2020, where humanity paused to address global issues. With this fragrance I knew I wanted to create something unique that also highlights the part we each have to play, individually and collectively, on the world stage.

Le Joker by Art de Parfum

[Le Joker by Art de Parfum inspired by the zeitgeist and spirit of 2020]


Whats your favourite Summer Scent by Art de Parfum and why?